What people are saying

What people are saying...

Consider me and my shares on board with Phil and the Mission of Concerned InterOil Shareholders.

Shareholder - TR2,

I applaud your efforts and will be voting for your proposals. However, I fear this will come too late as I just heard that management has put IOC up for sale. Current bidders are TOT and OSH. I fear that price will be a giveaway so Hession can cash in and shareholders like be will be betrayed.

Shareholder - GE4-S,

Could you please include me on your emailing list for updates on the progress of the concerned InterOIL Shareholders. I am a long standing shareholder of InterOil. I was a recent employee of InterOil who was [deleted] of constructing most of InterOils drill sites in PNG. I am far from impressed with the very poor management of the current Board of Directors and CEO. I have been with the company since 2002, did much of the hard geology field work and then on to [deleted] of InterOils drill sites in the harshest conditions. We, the original field personnel, worked hard with Phil Mulacek to make the company to what it was, before it was torn apart by Michael Hession and his team of incompetent carpetbaggers.

Former Employee - JW3-X,

Yes, I agree

I am a silent SHU guy;   Our network is working very hard on spreading the word on this.  I really hope an injunction is in the works and another bidder appears shortly.

Thanks for all of your efforts on our behalf

Shareholder - RM3-S,